Bello Axolotl

The best DNA color explanation and overall general information I have found is located in the files section of an Axolotl discussion group HERE on Facebook.

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Color information that is not located in the PDF.

Sub adult Axolotl's change color a lot. Until they are 2+ years old you cannot judge by color.

A Golden Albino Sub-Adult can have a lot of white but all are a uniform yellow after reaching maturity.

A black Melanoid can look like a dalmatian or silver as a sub-adult but will be Black as an adult.
The Leucistic with a red eye reflection is a Albino Leucistic and more common than a true Luecistic which has no red reflection.

The Leucistic confuses me because some communities like ball pythons accept the Albino Leucistic and some do not like in the African Clawed frog.